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Diversity Action Items

Our Customers & Society

Past Activities

Optus has undertaken a range of activities in the diversity area since work commenced on its Diversity Action Plan in 2001.

  • Development of staff training materials on diversity awareness
  • Formal recognition of diversity responsiveness in staff reward and recognition program
  • Review of OH&S, EEO and recruitment processes to ensure consistency with Optus’ approach to diversity
  • Use of internal language directory to identify staff who speak different languages and can assist with calls from customers of non-English speaking backgrounds
  • Review of Customer Service procedures for the acceptance of calls from the Government’s Translating and Interpreting Service
  • Review of the Optus website in accordance with international accessibility guidelines
  • Review of third party access policies to ensure customers from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds can have people assist them to obtain information on their Optus account, whilst maintaining their right to privacy.

Current Items

A register of current items has been developed to capture specific action items that Optus will be addressing, and allow for progress against each item to be tracked. This register is an internal document, and is intended to be fluid and provide the flexibility to add and update work items regulatory, not just when a formal review of the Diversity Policy occurs.

The themes and items included on the register will be determined in consultation between Optus and members of the CLF Diversity Sub Committee.