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  Contact number Operating Hours (Displayed in local time unless otherwise stated) Email Us More details
Sales 1800 780 219 8am - 9pm (Mon - Fri)
9am - 7pm (Sat)
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Free-call Self-Service - Mobile
Account and Billing:
- Account Balance
- Last Payment
- Payment Extensions
- Report a Payment
(from mobile)
24x7   Only available from your mobile phone.
Change billing address via SMS 1509
(from mobile)
International Roaming:
- Activation or Deactivation

(from mobile)
- Activation or Deactivation

(from mobile)
SIM card replacement and activation 1509
(from mobile)
Free-call Self-Service - Home Phone or Internet
Account and Billing:
- Account Balance
- Last Payment
- Make a Payment
- Payment Extensions
- Make a Payment

132 926 24x7   Only available from your Optus home phone
Customer Care (all products)
Self-service Hotline
- Your one stop place to make changes to your account, obtain account information and other useful features.
(1300 692 226)
24x7   These features may not be available to all accounts
iPhone Network Unlocking Service 1300 075 395 24x7   A self-service feature to process network unlocking requests for iPhone customers. Please have your IMEI number before calling
Optus Mobile Broadband Customer Care 133 697   Email Us Online Help
Service Difficulty and Faults
- Mobile phone
- Home phone
- Optus TV
- Internet
(1300 328 587)
24x7   Before calling, have you visited our:
Mobile Troubleshooting FAQ

Broadband Help

Home Phone Support FAQ
Moving house 1800 MY MOVE
(1800 696 683)
8am - 7pm EST (Mon - Fri)
9am - 6pm EST (Sat)
  More Information
Pay your bill (Optus Pay) 1300 309 309 24x7   To pay your bill online, click here
Billing Enquiries
- Mobile Post-Paid
- Home phone
- Optus TV
- Internet
(1300 245 546)
8am - 7pm (Mon - Fri)
9am - 5pm (Sat)
Email Us Before calling, have you visited our Billing & Accounts FAQ
Rate Plan Changes 1300 PLAN CHANGE
(1300 752 624)
    Call here to change your Optus product rate plan to the latest offered rate plans
General Account Enquiries 133 YES
(133 937)
    For general (non-billing, non-fault) enquiries about your Optus service
Mobile Enquiry while overseas +61 2 8082 5678 8am - 7pm (Mon - Fri)
9am - 5pm (Sat)
  Using Your Mobile Overseas FAQ
Mobile Faults while overseas +61 2 8082 2642 24x7    

Small & Medium Business

Sales Enquiries

Account Enquiries for existing customers

Product Contact number Operating Hours (Displayed in local time unless otherwise stated) Email More details
Mobile Phone 133 343 7am-7pm (Mon-Fri),
9am-5pm (Sat)
Email Us Mobile Phone support
Office Phone 133 343 8.30am-6pm (Mon-Fri) Email Us Office Phone support
ipPhone(VOIP) 1300 550 731 24x7 Email Us ipPhone support
'yes' Business Totality 1300 734 898 8.30am-6pm (Mon-Fri) Email Us yes Business Totality
MultiLine/Voice over DSL 1800 305 733 8.30am-6pm (Mon-Fri) Email Us Multiline / VoDSL
Wireless Phone (OWT)/Wireless Fusion       Wireless Phone
- Customer service 133 343 8am-7pm (Mon-Fri)
9am-5pm (Sat)
Email Us  
- Technical support 133 697 24x7 Email Us  
Dial-up 133 343 24x7 Email Us Dial Up support
Business Broadband 133 343 24x7 Email Us Business Broadband support
Web Hosting       Web Hosting FAQs
- Customer service 1300 791 403 8am-6pm (Mon-Fri)    
- Technical support 1300 791 403 24x7    
Mobile Broadband (OMB):       Mobile Broadband FAQs
- Customer service 133 343 8am-7pm (Mon-Fri), 9am-5pm (Sat) Email Us  
- Technical support 133 697 24x7 Email Us  
Evolve Services       Evolve Services
IP VPN, MRS, SSL or Internet services        
- Customer service 1300 788 379 24x7 Email Us  
- Technical support 1300 788 379 24x7 Email Us  

Government and Corporate Business

Sales Enquiries

  • Email Us
  • Call us on 1800 555 937(9.00am - 5.00pm, Monday to Friday, Displayed in local time unless otherwise stated)

Customer Service

Optus Business Support/Technical Difficulties

  • Data and Voice Service Desk: 1300 300 332
  • The Mobility & Converged Technical Service Desk: 1800 200 487


Pre-Sales Enquiries

Register your interest

Account & Billing Enquiries

1300 300 221 (8.00am to 8.00pm, Monday to Friday)

  • Long Distance (option 1)
  • Mobile (option 2)
  • For Switched Voice, IP, Multinet and BNS products, email CIS Support

Extranet Support

Email Optus Wholesale Web Admin

Complaints & Compliments

Yes, we are listening.
Optus is committed to providing a high level of service to its customers. If our service fails to meet your expectations or you have suggestions on how we can do better, we would love to hear about it.

Our commitment to you
The Optus complaint handling policy has been designed with the customer in mind while still meeting the requirements of the relevant Industry Code/s (ACIF Complaint Handling Code).

Optus aims to resolve complaints at first point of contact. Where complaints are escalated directly to us by mail or via email on the web, we aim to resolve complaints within 14 days of receipt.

Complaints referred to us from outside sources such as the TIO (Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman), may take longer depending on the complexity of the matter.

If your complaint isn't resolved to your satisfaction, you can ask to have your matter escalated to a supervisor. If you are still dissatisfied with the supervisor’s handling of the complaint, you can request to have the matter referred to senior management for review.


Service Difficulties & Faults:

Mobile, Home Phone & TV: 131 344

Call Us:

Home Phone, TV and Internet: 133 937
Mobile - including premium services: 1300 300 937,


from overseas on: +61 2 9342 5678

Optus TTY users, Home Phone, TV or Internet: 1800 500 002

Small & Medium Business

Call 133 343


Mobile, Home Phone, TV & Internet Feedback or Complaint Form

Postal address:

Customer Relations Group
Locked Bag 31001
Flinders Lane VIC 8009


Optus' Complaint Handling Policy can be found below, in PDF format in both English and Mandarin. For a hard copy of the Complaint Handling Policy, or a copy in an alternate format, please contact Customer Service (on the numbers on this page).

Download the Complaint Handling Policy [pdf]

Complaint Management Dissatisfaction

If you are not satisfied with the steps taken by Optus to resolve your complaint, or with the way in which we managed your complaint, you can seek assistance from the TIO (Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman), which is an office of last resort. The Ombudsmen will only investigate complaints if you have already attempted to resolve the complaint with Optus.

Other Enquiries

Website Feedback & Other Enquiries


Yes, we are listening:

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