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SalesWith the introduction of the latest technologies for our customers and the company taking on a "new media" approach to its business, the Sales divisions at Optus have grown exponentially. The Sales environment is exciting and highly dynamic.

All sales roles are not alike. In fact, the variety of roles is broad within the Sales functional group, requiring different skills and abilities. There are three important criteria within Sales:

Direct and Indirect

This distinguishes between selling directly to our customers, or being involved in a more indirect manner – eg selling to retailers or other resellers of our products, or managing a team of direct sales staff.

Transactional and Solutions based

Transactional selling involves selling a discrete product set such as a mobile or long distance solution. A fully integrated sale is based on providing a total customer solution that integrates a number of products and services.


“Hunter” and “Farmer”

“Hunters” are those who actively go out seeking new business: perhaps the most obvious example of “hunters” are door-to-door salespeople, but this end of the spectrum also includes roles such as outbound telemarketing and the Acquisition Sales Executives. At the other end, “farmers” make sales through nurturing existing relationships. This is not the same as relationship management: the primary emphasis is still on making new sales to these existing customers. However, the “farmer” focuses on building a strong customer relationship by continuing to add value to the customer through information, fault resolution and account management.

All sales roles are very strongly “people” focused, though you should bear in mind that selling is a very specialised “people” activity, and does not suit everybody who likes “people” roles. Some Sales roles also incorporate “systems” and “ideas” components.