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MarketingOptus is one of the best-known brands in Australia, with a strong history as the challenger in the marketplace, and a distinctive message. Both product and customer marketing specialists have the challenge of understanding our customers and delivering innovative products and services to keep them ahead in the telecommunications revolution.

Marketing is more than just advertising products. It is about identifying the needs of our customer base, and then delivering products and services that meet those needs.

The marketing effort begins with Market Researchers, who find out our customers’ needs and how they can be satisfied. It is also important to know about what is going on in the market – competitor activity, trends, economic and regulatory changes, etc. With this information, we can deliver products and services to best service the market, and ensure that Optus remains at the forefront of telecoms delivery throughout Australia.

Various Marketing Communications and Channel Marketing areas look after the Optus branding and the advertising campaigns for different Lines of Business.

Another important facet of Marketing is Product Management – looking after the revenue and margins of our products, and ensuring that the products and processes are all working correctly.

Because of the variety of activities covered by Marketing, there is a wide range of jobs available. Some roles (eg in Marketing Communications) are very “ideas” or “people” oriented, while others (eg in Market Research) deal predominantly with “data” and “systems”.