Optus is working to create a more accessible website. 

Provided below are some suggested tools and options for viewing this site, information about purchasing or renting home phone handsets with accessibility features and how to find out about accessibility features of a range of mobile phone handsets.

Large page view

The Firefox web browser allows you to zoom in and out from page content using standard web browser functionality.

You can download the browser from the Mozilla Firefox website (opens new window).

Install the browser by double clicking on the downloaded Firefox Setup file.

Changing page view within Firefox:

Go to the ‘View’ menu and select ‘Zoom’ > ‘Zoom In’ or ‘Zoom Out’ or
Use the keyboard shortcut ‘ctrl+’ to zoom in and ‘ctrl-’ to zoom out

Handset for customers with vision or hearing impairments

Customers on the Optus network can now purchase a Uniden DECT SSE25 which features large buttons, hearing aid (T-coil) compatible and volume control.

You can either purchase the Uniden DECT SSE25 handset outright or via monthly instalments. Visit our handset page for further details.

Please note: Due to customer demand, Optus no longer supplies a corded handset as part of its Disability Equipment Programme.


If you have dexterity issues or if you require additional time to dial a phone number, we recommend pre-dialling.

All handsets available to purchase through Optus support this feature.

To pre-dial a phone number:
1: Key in the number (you have up to 30 seconds in between key presses
2: When finished entering the complete phone number, press dial/call


Customers on the Optus network can also rent Teletypewriter TTY handsets that are specially designed handsets to assist people who are deaf or who have speech and/or hearing impairments to communicate with others. Visit Disability Equipment for further details.

Mobile Handsets

To view the accessibility features of a range of mobile handsets, tablets or apps visit The Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative
If you have an iPhone visit the apple accessibility sites 

Further information about Optus’ products and services for customers with a disability is available from Optus Disability Services.

Large Font and Braille Bills

Optus offers special billing formats such as Braille Billing or large font billing to our visually impaired customers. If you would like to request this service, please contact us.

Click here for more help with accounts and billing.   

Free Operator Assisted Directory Service

Optus customers with a disability who need assistance to access directory services can call 133 937 (general inquiries option) to apply for a free operator-assisted service.

A customer service rep will ask you a series a questions to ascertain you meet the criteria. Optus Operator Services will then provision your request and, once approved, will contact you to provide you with the directory numbers to use. This free service will allow you to call in, seek directory assistance and be through connected for local, national and international calls. (Standard mobile call charges may apply for calls from mobile phones.)

Closed captions

Optus TV services provide closed captions for selected TV programs on both Optus TV with Fetch and Optus TV featuring Foxtel.