Unlimited Broadband Bundles
$115 $90 Per Month

Get Unlimited Data, Unlimited Standard & National Calls. Plus Get 6 Months' Netflix On Us.

Minimum total cost over 24 months is $2,160.
Find out more at optus.com.au/Netflix. Offer ends 5 July 2015


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More Data. Less Price!

BYO Phone & get 8GB for just $50 (Was $60) on our SIM-Only Plan! Plus get 3 Months’ Netflix on Us.
Hurry, offer ends 5 July, 2015!

Minimum total cost over 24 months $1,656. Cost per 1MB $0.0031. Netflix offer excludes data usage. Find out more at optus.com.au/Netflix

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NBN is here!

Experience next generation high-speed internet right to your home. To find out if you're in an NBN coverage area view our coverage maps. Or to check out NBN plans click here.


Our coverage maps now show planned upgrades, maintenance and live outages at your location.

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