Dream Bigger. Stream More.

Get 8GB total data for 12 months on our $40 SIM Plan.

Min total cost over 12 months $480. Additional data $10/1GB. Bonus data offer ends 30 June 2016. New and recontracting services only. Use in Oz. Fair Go Policy applies.

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Unlimited data. Say no more

Unlimited data. Say no more.

Get the new My Basics Bundle for your home with unlimited data and standard local calls. Only $80 per month.

Min. total cost over 24 months $2,045 incl. $125 start-up fee. Fair Go Policy applies. Available in selected homes in selected areas.

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Don’t miss the entertainment with Optus Perks

Enjoy exclusive offers to all things fun, like movies, events, sports and more.

Plug and play with home wireless broadband

Be flexible. Be free. Be connected. Our home wireless broadband offers a plan to suit any need. Fair Go Policy applies. Extra data $10/10GB.

Start streaming at the speed of entertainment

Optus has been rated number one in Australia by the Netflix Speed Index for nine months straight. See for yourself how fast our broadband can be at streaming your favourite shows.

We're committed to relentless improvement

Like Usain Bolt, we work hard every day to improve our performance. Learn more about the Optus Network and how we're investing in an even better mobile and broadband experience for you.

Try the Optus Network

Try our network for 30 days

Want to take our network for a practice run? Sign up to any 24-month My Plan Plus. Cancel any time in the first 30 days with no cancellation fees. Just pay what you owe and return the phone in good working order. That's it.

Customers who sign up a new service. Max. 5 services per account. Ends 31 July 2016.

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